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Who Are We

BSB Solar Pvt. Ltd. is a member of the larger family of Mr. B. S. Babu’s group of companies, whose history can be traced from 1988 onwards.

Keeping an eye on the pressing need of renewable resources for our electricity consumption, we strive to harness the sun’s energy, the BSB Solar way.

Besides providing high efficiency rooftop solar PV modules, BSB Solar offers other diversified solar energy solutions like- home/street lighting systems, solar products, grid synchronized systems, etc.

Utilize the idol space of your roof and locality to maximize savings on your electricity bill.

Why Choose Us

When you choose BSB Solar you get more than just the equipment. We give you a team of dedicated professionals that will keep your system up and running and walk you through the various operations.

Our help and service will be with you during every step of the way. Our help and service will be with you during every step of the way. Our technical team will work with you to plan out the best possible system installation suited for the available space and design of the edifice, to ensure that you get the most returns on your investment with us.

With more than 10 offices and a work force of 400 employees spread across three countries be assured of our quality service. From the moment you place an order, your satisfaction is our number one priority.

About Us


BSB Powers's Solar plant at Holy Family gives an generation of more than 90% output which has effectively reduced the electricity bill from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 300 for the month of April and May 2016 and with this best in class output we have also managed to Export an excess of 541 units back or reverse to the grid which will benefit the customer next month . This Project Equivalent to 2800 fully grown trees which is a major step towards our environment and source of sustainable energy.

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